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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hold Onto Your Seat,1406,KNS_294_4297852,00.html

The Knoxville News Sentinel is reporting that UT season ticket holders will contribute or else give up their seats. The UT Athletic Department said in a released statement that there will be no grandfathered tickets on the east and west sidelines behind the team benches.

Season ticket holders who have had their on the sidelines behind the benches will have to ante up with the contribution, have their seats moved to one of the end zones or transfer their seat to a family member. However, they will get a discounted rate from the VASF.

Recently, UT Athletic Director, Mike Hamilton, had said that sales of the new club seats were going well and that everything with the project was moving along smoothly. You can bet that we are seeing the effects of a 5-6 season and staying home without a bowl game. How much longer can the UTAD continue to bleed the fans, who support the program financially, while Phil Fulmer continues putting a poor product on Shields-Watkins Field inside Neyland Stadium?

Hey, its the Christmas season. Tis better to give than receive...right?


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