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Saturday, January 12, 2008

StageVol on our new OC

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Re: Some of you guys really are looking like Gloom & Doo
The argument from Vols fans I know -- none on this board -- has always been that there is NO ONE out there equipped to come in and coach at UT, either as the head man or an assistant, UNLESS he is a "Tennessee Man". I might as well have had blood shooting out of my eyes every time I hear that shitt.I've been telling work colleagues and friends for years that UT desperately needed to look at other successful programs as models to see how it's done. Hell, I've emailed Mike Hamilton and called others in Knoxville as well saying the same things . . . I've only gotten responses when the subject was something like a new scoreboard on the women's softball field. More to the point, this IS the point: Go Outside the Family. When you look at the coaches guys like Pete Carroll, Urban Meyer and Steve Spurrier have brought to their staffs over the years, it's not been guided by alums and/or BOT members telling them who they should hire. They hire who fits what they do, best. And if best at say Florida, when Spurrier was there, happened to be a defensive guy named Stoops that no one had ever heard of, that's who he'd bring in.So what the hell am I trying to say -- well, I agree with both Brassy and Tux. We've all lamented that Fulmer needed to bring in someone as an OC who had every credential Brassy mentioned. Big props for Fulmer on the hire irrespective of the fact it was made known he had to make some significant changes. And for me, I'm thrilled by the hire . . . . . to a point. Here's where I agree with Tux: Let's see what happens in the fall. This is a board with what I like to call Great Football Minds, or GFM's for those of you who prefer acronyms. Every one of us in OM will know within one game whether or not Clawson has free reign to do what he wants on offense. Play-calling, gameplans, halftime adjustments, 4th down situations near midfield ----- it probably won't even take a full game to see how much control Clawson has.
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Well said.
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Monday, November 13, 2006

Plight of the Vol Fan

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...I guess I should have replied in the other thread, but it was getting pretty long so I decided to start a new one. This one will be plenty long so relax, sit back, and enjoy the flight. I sense that you are entering the zone where I was after, oh, say the 2002 season. I was probably in denial that Fulmer was really at the core of what was wrong with the program up until that point, and I had hung onto this unrealistic thought up until probably last year that he would indeed do what was the best thing for the program and upgrade his staff. He never did, and even the Cut rehiring was due to Sanders' self-inflicted departure. I don't know what would have happened had Sanders not resigned, but I doubt that Ainge would have played as well as he has this year; I doubt that the offense would be averaging 30+ points (at least until the Arkansas game was factored in) per game; I doubt the receivers would have become a strength instead of a liability as they were under the previous WR coach because I don't think Troop would be coaching WR's without the cards falling as they did. I don't know for certain if any changes would have been made or if several changes would have been made, but my money if I bet would be on the former. What I think you're going through is what I, and I think so many, have been through -- I'm just at a more advanced stage than you. I finally realized, last year, that the stubborness and arrogance of Fulmer was stronger than his coaching abilities. I don't think he had that attitude prior to 1998 -- I think he was "hungry" and I think his staff was hungry as well. I think once he won the MNC in '98, he became arrogant, complacent, and stubborn. I believe that we're seeing the fruits of that now. And while UT muddled on, winning around 75 or so percent of it's games post 1998 MNC, other programs in the SEC -- Georgia, Auburn, LSU to name a few -- upgraded, either in the head seat or at key positions on the staff like coordinator. What we've seen since then is the result of complacency -- I liken it to GM and Ford before the Toyotas and Nissans of the world became so mainstream. Folks wonder why Toyota does so well -- it's because it passed two slumbering, bloated US car empires in GM and Ford. The same thing, IMO, is happening, and has been happening, at UT. Sure, Fulmer has won enough games at UT since '98 to be considered a "success" at most programs in the country. He hasn't won enough championships since '98 to be considered a "success" at a program like UT -- the second most decorated football program in the conference behind bama. And this is where the separation of most of these programs that ARE winning championships comes into play -- Fulmer has not had to deal with things like probation, etc. Spurrier simply leaving Florida doomed them to a few years of mediocrity. bama is a mess because of it's meddling administration and overzealous boosters. Donnan was never a top notch coach for UGA, and the AD understood it. Auburn has a good coach in Tuberville, but has had even better coordinators -- Petrino, Borges, Chizik for example. LSU hired a guy in Saban who, while a hired gun, closed recruiting borders and coached the talent up. Fulmer just looked at his 8-3, 9-2, 7-5 type teams every year and said "this staff rocks". Indeed, it didn't rock, and people without orange blinders on knew it. In not so distant times, Fulmer saw the best coordinator that UT has had in a long time leave, and elevated a guy who has no business coordinating a top-level SEC offense rather than going out and getting a proven coordinator (thus the inspiration for my scrolled quote below the pic of Ainge, formerly of Cut). Fulmer had the opportunity to go out and get a top notch DC several years ago, and promoted a guy who has no business coordinating a top-level SEC defense (and make no mistake, even Chavis couldn't screw up the talent UT had on hand on defense during the 90's. With a decent DC I think UT could have won at least one more MCN while Manning was our QB). Fulmer then let the offensive coordinator stay for 6 1/2 seasons before said coordinator proactively made the change FOR Fulmer, and Fulmer has let said defensive coordinator stay for nearly 12 full seasons now, getting exposed badly in big games -- and some not-so-big games that turn into slugfests -- just about every season. Top it off with the off the field incidences -- I can't get too mad at him for the bama stuff since I despise bama so much -- but the run ins with the law, etc. have become so commonplace at UT that I wonder, well, when is the next incident going to happen? Your son's recent incident isn't newsworthy in and of itself except that it's a continuation of such things and, quite frankly, it's become an expectation. Off the field issues have become all too commomplace at UT. I wonder what program in the country besides UT would put up with all this stuff. I don't think any would. But then again, I'm 40 years old and this is the same program that has had only 4 head coaches during my lifetime -- Dickey, Battle, Majors, and Fulmer. The latter two comprise nearly 30 years combined. One national title during that time. I think UT can do, and should demand, better. I really, really hoped that Fulmer would be the guy to make things better, and he did for one magical season. What have we done with it since then? Watched the rest of the "big dogs" in the conference pass us by, while our head man worked like heck to get better, all to no avail. Who would have thought that the two biggest jokes of programs in the conference among the big boys for the past few seasons would be bama and UT, the two proudest programs in the conference? Anyway, VFM, sorry for such a long epistle, but that's why I feel like I do, and I hate the feeling, I really do. But I can't deny it either. Every year I hope I'm wrong, and every year I find that I'm not. But at least it gives us all something to talk about.
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Wow.... I'm at work, but I'm going to chew and digest this long post and respond this evening. Thanks for it though....lots to think about.
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Egxcellent post!
what program in the country besides UT would put up with all this stuff
Not many, Florida State comes to mind. For the life of me I dont know why dinosaurs like Bowden, Fulmer, and Paterno hang on as long as they do.
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Fabulous post egbert. Just fabulous!!!
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Shouldn't I be gettin' paid for that free advertisement???
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Re: Fostermom...
I think Fulmer was so obsessed with Bama, he forgot about everything else. Everything from that point on started to slowly errode away. Calgon--take me away!!!
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Those are good quotes fmom, and seeing as your "famous" and all, I thought they would make a good sig.
- - - - - - - - - “I like the sarcasm because it's usually adult enough for me to appreciate. I like the humor because it is some of the very best of any internet humor I've been privy to. Most of all I like and respect the vast array of football knowledge here. This knowledge is truly second to none. I don't mind saying that anywhere”. – fostermom on 8/15/2006 "You all make me proud to be a part of this board with the way you continuously do the right thing as a whole. I'm touched". - fostermom on 8/15/2006 "Nobody holds back on OM. I respect and appreciate it. What I like most of all is that NOBODY is exempt from the ass whuppin's that take place here. (My behind is still sore from the ones I got here last week)". - fostermom on 10/2/2006 "I think all of you are looney! But it's that very charm that keeps me coming back"! - fostermom on 10/30/2006
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Shoot, VFM...
...I was at work when I wrote it! I just came home to grab a coke, read the board, and started typing! I do want to say this, after re-reading my post -- I'm not trying to convince anyone of how to feel about Fulmer. He's obviously done some good things at UT, and it hasn't been all that long ago that I was one of his, to borrow a phrase, "apologists". I always thought that Chavis was a horrible decision for reasons mentioned in my post, but the talent was there enough to make Chavis, well, not an asset but at least not an insurmountable liability. I think the return of Cut has exposed Chavis once again -- only the presence of Sanders could make Chavis look good by comparison. But I digress. Or degress, however you spell it. Fulmer is what he is. A coach who is probably somewhat better than many on here give him credit for being, but certainly not as good as his record, if that makes sense, which it probably doesn't. His one standout forte' has been recruiting, and I'd rather have great talent and mediocre coaching than vice versa. When you combine mediocre recruiting with mediocre coaching, you get 2005. He needs to finish in the top 10 every year for UT to be in contention, not just once in a while. That's my opinion, anyway. Anyway, again, I'm not trying to convince you in any way to like or dislike Fulmer. Nor to trust or not trust him. You know him a lot better than I do -- I spoke to him once on Vol Calls back when I was drinking the kool-aid during the 1996 season, and that's it. I do think he cares about your son, and all of his "kids", as you as a parent should demand from the caretaker of your son for the four years he's in college. I don't think he loses games, or throws away leads in games only to win by the narrowest of margins, just to hack me off. I do think he keeps Chavis around just to mess with me, though.
Ray In The Way Acolyte of Unlimited Posting Power Posts: 74 (11/13/06 18:27) Reply Edit Del
I expected Penn and Teller to leap out at the end...
pull Egbert through the screen and say: "Well, Ray, you picked Fulmer in '93 didn't you? And put him back in the deck without looking, right? Now for the last 5 or 6 years, you just can't figure out why they heck you're feeling the way you do about your beloved VOLS, right? Well, let's open this box and show you what Egbert's, does it all make sense? Sure it does. It's all so simple. Let Teller and Egbert show you how the trick was, sit down and read it again. Remember: there's no magic...only a fat magician! Thanks, Egbert. Well done.
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Excellent summation of how many of us feel Eg....
as you well know, you and I are of a like mind on this whole issue of the state of UT football and the current coaching staff. One thing that your post triggered for me was ongoing concerns about Fulmer's ability to recruit as effectively as in the past. As you pointed out, the inability of our current staff to "coach 'em up" means that we MUST have a talent advantage to win games in the SEC. Fulmer has indeed had such an advantage for most of his years as head coach (esp. 94-99), but the rest of the SEC has now caught up and/or surpassed us in the talent department. If this trend continues (and there is no reason to believe it won't) we are basically relegated to 2nd tier status in the SEC. We will not win any championships and will basically become on par with South Carolina and Arkansas on a regular basis, with an occasional bright spot year (2001,2004) mirrored by just as occasional a very down year (2005). And basically no championships unless we get a perfect storm of things to go our way. When it comes to our recruiting, it basically comes down to how well UT can recruit the Southern states. Sure, we recruit nationally and will reel in a big fish periodically from outside the South, such as a Stallworth, Meachem, Munoz or Ainge, but for the most part we have to recruit the South well. The years that we have had big success have been based on the play of guys from the South - Shuler, Manning, Martin, Lewis, Pickens, Coleman, Grant, Henry, Stevens, Wilson, Witten, Henderson, Haynesworth, Allen - all guys from the South who were recruited nationally but chose to stay near home because of the chance to play for a national power like the Vols and a likely ticket to the League. Fast foward to today and the picture of UT recruiting in the South is pretty bleak. A brief subjective breakdown of the southern states: Tennessee - Well we should have success here since it is the home state. I don't read a lot in to the departure of guys like Patrick Turner, because we will lose the occasional big fish. As we all know though, we can't make a national power out of strictly local talent. Alabama - While the Tide is down, Auburn has had a lot of success beating UT in recruiting (Cadillac Williams, Ronnie Brown) of late and they are a better draw than us right now. If Bama ever truly comes back, we can expect to be shut out here for all the top rated talent. Georgia - with as many SEC championships as Fulmer in 1/3 the amount of time, Richt has effectively shut Fulmer out of Georgia by consistently beating him and by hiring his #1 recruiter (Garner). Florida - we have little chance for long term success here, especially with the 3 big programs there and with Meyer being able to beat Fulmer on and off the field. South Carolina - we have gotten a lot of talent out of SC (Haynesworth, Steven and Hefney to name a few). I think we will continue to get an occasional player from there, but Spurrier will eventually shut us out of this state for the top talent if he has decent success. North Carolina - We have had some good success here (Shuler, Crompton, Pickens, Hardesty), but not for all the effort we have put in here,IMO. We always seem to lose 1-2 top guys here at the end. Virginia - See North Carolina. Lots of effort (Brooks, Parham) with little success. West Virginia - don't know if we have ever signed anyone from here, or if there is much talent worth pursuing there. Louisiana - Like South Carolina, we have landed some big time talent from here (Manning, Wade, Carey). Saban basically shut us out of the state, and there is no reason to believe that they won't fire Miles soon enough to correct that mistake and keep anyone (UT, Texas, Arkansas) from having any real long term success there. Kentucky - While we've landed some good players from there, we never seem to dominate Kentucky like it seems we should. Arkansas - Well we used to pretty much get whoever we wanted here - Houston, Smith and Shelly to name a few recent ones, but after last weekend there is no reason to believe it won't become like Georgia, where a few losses in a row to the Hogs means we will basically be shut out of the state. They are on target for a top 10 and/or BCS bowl finish this year, meaning that Fulmer is going to have a hard time convincing guys to leave the state to play at UT so they can finish 3rd in the SEC East and not go to the NFL. Mississippi - Ah, our last and best hope for continued dominance of any of our in-state SEC brethren. Since both Ole Miss and MSU are in such a downward spiral themselves, UT should be able to cherry pick some good talent from Mississippi. This may be the main motivation for hiring the otherwise unheard of Matt Luke and Curt Roper. In a nutshell, our best hope from where we are right now is to recruit Tennessee and Mississippi well and hope that one of the other big states (Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana) has a coaching change that allows us to start having success in those states again, or we will continue to be stuck in mediocre land with no end in sight. The scariest part of our downward spiral is the hopelessness that we will ever be able to win championships in the SEC without a drastic turn of events in recruiting. All of the above leaves me with not much hope that Fulmer can pull us out of this tailspin, or how long it will take someone new to do it when he is eventually replaced.
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Lot of common ground there eggie....
a lot of what you wrote resonates with me. I had a few other "data points" along the way that tended to crystalize the situation with Fulmer to me: - 92 (3 games temp) - 98: Early on I loved PF as a HC because he was the anti-Johhny. A players' coach and an assitants' coach. Johhny went through staff like no one else. I liked the fact that Fulmer was going to establish a more stable staff. What also stands out about this period was a definite elevation of our program from one that occasionally won an SECC but had no clout on the national level to one that became a national program, in several respects. Primarily, with the signing of Heath Shuler and afterwards of Manning, we were no doubt a hot commodity in the eyes of most top tier HS recruits. Success begets success in recruiting. - The promotion of Chavis from within was an absolute stunner to me and the inner circle of Vol friends I had back then, and some of those friends had contact/dialog with the staff very often. We were totally befuddled, as it came out of the blue. The resulting Baptism of John by SoS, who scored 83 consectuve offensive points on his ass between the 2nd half of the 95 game and the 1st half of the 96 game was all the prima facie evidence I needed to know Fulmer had made a terrible mistake. I don't care how good Danny Weurffel et al were, no other defense in the SEC got RAPED like that by SoS. - Obviously the Sanders promotion was deja vu all over again. No need to beat that dead horse. - Loosing Rodney Garner to UGA was a milestone in the decline of this program. It may not have been avoidable, but it was still a milestone - a strategic body shot. - I initially became very concerned about PF's ability to maintain the programmatic momentum he had built after winning the NC when I got reports from people who had very close and frequent interraction with him and his staff about recruiting in early 99. Basically, what I heard was that the staff, certain assitants who will go unnamed, one in particular who has been discussed a great deal here recently, were displaying an extremely arrogant attitude about recruiting. "We're Tennessee, we're national champions, we'll take who we want", shit like that. That to me was an example of an organizational attitude that if it persisted would eventually destroy the success the program had achieved. - The defection of Chris Simms. I don't care how you spin this, this lead us to starting a true freshman at QB in 00, a year that saw many of the common problems pop up that we saw for years after that. - 99 team exhibited the fat dumb and happy complacency that was 180* out of phase with the team from THE YEAR BEFORE. We made an All American out of Alex Brown by neglecting to even attempt to block him, then lost to an underdog Arky team when we were ranked 3rd in the nation with a win putting us in the SECCG and subsequently NC game. This with a roster STOCKED FULL of experienced, upperclassmen NFL studs. - The final straw for me was the SECC in 01. Another squandered SECC and shot at a NC, with Chavis just getting his ass kicked and being unable to adjust to soimething that LSU did over and over and over. - The 02 UF metdown game, getting our asses kicked in Neyland by Miami, then the embarassing no-shows in the 02 and 03 Peach Bowls, getting drubbed by mediocre ACC teams was all the evidence even the most CLUELESS sheep should have needed that massive staff overhaul was in order. Fulmer's subsequent non-actions were just more nails in the coffin for me - evidence of a dysfunctional, inept, irresponsible leader.
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BrassVols Mystic Knight of the T Posts: 1156 (11/13/06 20:57) Reply Edit Del
Re: Egxcellent post!
what program in the country besides UT would put up with all this stuff
This actually needs to be stated: "what program in the country with the financial, facility and fan base resources of UT would put up with all this stuff". Answer: Penn State is all I can think of. FSU hasn't sucked bad enough long enough to qualify (but they're getting close).
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AtlantaVol Banned MOFO Posts: 2011 (11/13/06 21:25) Reply Edit Del
Additional info on Garner
1)Fulmer kind of put shackles on Garner and put him as TE "coach" as I recall which is nothing but a poor blocking OT in Fulmers "system". Its a wasteland for a coach. Now Garner, to his credit, wanted to advance past the "recruiting guru" crown that he was labeled. Fulmer would not let him. Now how much of that is Cutcliff not allowing him to coach another position I don't know. Garner has progressed to where he has put Seymore, Stroud, Grant, and Pollack into first round of NFL draft. He has Johnson and Moses who will be likely 2nd rounders this year. The guy has turned into a decent position coach but he would have NEVER been given that opportunity at UT. 2)But I did hear from pretty good sources at the time that our boy Wavy Chavy was very jealous of Garner and looked at him as a hired recruiting gun and NOTHING else. Wavy Chavy was jealous of the pub that Garner was getting. And I think that feeling spread at least thru the defensive coaches at UT who were beholden to Wavy Chavy. They even floated the rumor that Garner would get UT into recruiting trouble. UT and Fulmer I really really really feel were "relieved" that Garner left. 3)And 3rd problem was that Fulmer kept him on the usual UT assistant paygrade which is based on longevity to UT instead of VALUE to UT. Richt flew back from the Hawaii SR Bowl last year and left them hanging without a HC- just because Garner was thinking about moving on. Richt threw a title and a bunch of moolah at Garner to keep him at UGA. I think garner makes up around 250K which is double what Trooper Taylor makes at UT. And in point #2 and #3 above I see and hear the EXACT SAME THING with Trooper Taylor as what happened to Garner. I hear Wavy Chavy doesn't like his enthusiasm and the defensive coaches snicker at him behind his back. Fulmer has refused to budge off the seniority pay scale of UT assistants and give TT another 50-75K to show him UT appreciates what he is worth.

Monday, September 18, 2006

It's All About "PHIL"osophy

In the wake of yet another loss to an SEC rival in our own Neyland Stadium, University of Tennessee Volunteer fans have awakened from a "David Cutcliffe"-induced illusion. Reality is now setting in and the landscape of the future regarding UT football is a dark and dreary one. OuterMonVOLia's very Own SoCalVol, hit the nail flush on the head and explained the reality of it all, with his post, "It's All About "Phil"osophy.

It's all about "Phil" osophy...that was the...
"Mustang Offense"...very offensive...

Any organization reflects the person/personality of where the buck stops (whether they accept that responsibility or not)...

How can Chavis design and recruit for speed and aggressive play, then all of the sudden, make a 180 degree switch in his defensive philosophy when the game is on the line?

How can Cut. cut up a D with slants and attacking weaknesses and mismatches, only to return to the foxhole, when the game is on the line?

How can HSAA's, with supreme talent and confidence, lose their God given abilities and confidence and become a target population for sports psychologists?

"Phil" osophy, that's how...

The answer is Phil Fulmer, who's whole philosophy is based in fear. Fear of someone pointing a finger at his decisions/non decisions. Fear of failure, fear of making mistakes, fear of getting beat deep, fear of the middle third of the field, fear of attacking, fear of everything that the best and brightest delight in...being the best and brightest when your best has to be called upon, in the moment (not on "film").

Fulmer's infatuation with fear, causes otherwise competent coaches to seem incompetent, causes talented athletes to shoulder the entire burden of producing under pressure with absolutely no help, in terms of strategy and tactics (xno's).
The coordinators are the ones to be sacraficed, the players must step up and take the blame and "believe" in his ways...because "He has won a lot of games around here".

I say the program and players have won a lot of games, with waaay to many slim victories of weak opponents and when Phil's best is required, he folds. Urban is right...UT folds because Fulmer folds. Some of Phil's best coached games have come when his back was against the wall and had little to lose. Give him something to lose and he will find a way to do it. For a person that is so lacking in creativity, he is extremely creative in finding ways to snatch defeat from victory.

When the tough get going, Phil's in the fetal position in his "bunker" while the opponent "shoots" his men like fish in a barrel...

And why not? Phil's "bunker" is million dollar, lakefront, comfy, cozy..and he and his are more than well fed.

UT's football program has become "all about the Bunker". Fulmer is a Winston Churchill fan for a reason...I understand he had a nice bunker too...

The reality of UT's football future is not pretty.

Friday, July 07, 2006

BV2's Preseason Editorial

brothervoliver2's original post

OL - I could say a lot of things about this group. But after days of searching for the right words to sum up this group, one thought kept coming to the forefront - Potentially the Best OL ever to play at UT. Steven Jones and Michael Frogg are studs and will be first round picks in the NFL. Sears is a hoss and David Ligon had one of the best springs in college football history (again). He's up to 390 and bench pressed 960 8 times last week with his left pinky toe. Just an unbelievable physical specimen. Parker and Foster played last year vs. Vandy and Kentucky so they are battle tested.

RB - David Yancey is a 9th year Junior in 2006 and had one of the best springs since Kirston Biggers upstaged Tavio Henson in the last man standing game of Ping Pong Ball in Jock Strap game in 1988. Foster (Australian for Running Back) is sure to get a lot of action this year. Montario Hardesty just screams stud muffin at you and LeMarcus Coker will do his daddy Larry proud this year by getting a ton of draws on 3rd and Long. And don't forget about Jakouri Williams. Probably the best pure back we've had since Tracy Smith.

WR - The Meach, Swain, and Lucas Taylor are as good as it gets in football - college or pro. Bill Grimes is awesome and will breakout this year under Trooper Taylor. Slick Shelley is freakin' slick and will really surprise some. Briscoe has been playing the jug for an extra two hours per day and is ready. This group will surprise.

TE - We'll be walkin; in High Cottam with the Cottam brothers. Both are now 7'8 and 460 after working out in Coach Johnny Long's Injury Waitin' To Happen Workout program. Justin Reed is a shoe in to punt out of the double TE set and don't forget about Chris Brown.

QB - Ainge scored a 32 on the ACT after re-taking it this summer. He is up to 6'8 and wearing a lot of the Cottam's old clothes. Crompton had surgery recently to implant a cap backwards on his head and cut a demo last week for the Backstreet Boys new CD entitled "AARP Benefits." Hardegree can hit a football 100 miles per hour with a tennis racket and the coaches have implemented a Daniel Brooks package when he's in the game. Brooks will be put in as a blocking back and ensure that Hardegree never gets hit.

DE - Jared Hostetter has been whacking off all offseason with Vick's Vap-O-Rub and 20 Grit sandpaper. He is ready, though literally a raw talent. Xavier Mitchell is the best Xavier in Tennessee since Xavier Crawford in the late 80's. Walter "Amy" Fisher is a stud and Rhodes Scholar to boot. He'll be ready. Antonio Reynolds can play. We're fine here.

DT - Justin Harrell is the best Martin Westview player we've had since Chad Clifton. He's bonafide and can even testify if needed. Matt McGlothlin has been working out all offseason with Barry Bonds, but you can't get anyone to talk about it right now. Turk McBride is the purest DT we've had since Jeff Tullis roamed the Hill. Robert Ayers is another in a long line of former Chavis projects who is sure to pan out.

LB - Marvin Mitchell was hands down better than Marcus McNeil then and now. Awesome body lean and can run like a deer in Nike's. Elix Wilson (short for Elixer) had garnered the moniker "Robotussin" due to his Cherry like demeanor. Myers-White or White-Myers is among the best hyphenated players we've ever had at UT in recent memory. Andre Mathis is a stud in the making.

DB - WOW!!! We can cover back here for sure. Wade ran track again this year to ensure he'll be ready for football. Hefney is bad and ready to shine. Iroquois Johnson ran good in May over in the Steeplechase and looks to continue this year.

Intangibles - After not recruiting in 2006, Fulmer and staff are back at it again this year and are sure to land a top 30 type class. Prediction - 14-0 and a 80-0 rout of Ohio State in the NC game.

Hammy's 2006 Season Predictions

The following post by Hamiltonvol can be discussed by clicking here.

My 2006 football season predictions:


1. QB Jim Bob Cooter is reinstated to the team after running several dozen stadium steps.

2. Asked about redshirt freshman QB Jon Crompton, Fulmer says, "Right now he's a little light in the butt, but he's a good kid. He's gonna be just fine."

3. Asked in a followup question what being "light in the butt" has to do with quarterbacking, Fulmer says, "Look, we didn't start this gig yesterday. We've won a lot of ballgames around here, and hopefully we'll be around long enough to win a lot more."

4. Former QB Peyton Manning visits Knoxville to see mentor and friend David Cutcliffe. When asked about the QB controversy, Manning says, "Both those guys have plenty of talent, and both are hard workers. I think the fair thing to do is pick a quarterback and stick with him. Best for the team, best for the kids. I have full confidence in Coach to make the right decision, and I hope we as fans really support the starter, whoever that may be."

5. The next day, an article appears complaining about Peyton Manning's comments, saying they show that he supports Ainge over Crompton.

vs. California

6. Pregame controversy abounds. Cutcliffe wants to base his offense on how many points the defense can hold Cal to, and Chavis wants to base his defense on how many points the offense can score. Fulmer reiterates, "We didn't start this job last week. Coach Cut is a little light in the butt compared to when he was here before, but he's working like heck to make this offense run right."

7. More controversy. WR coach Trooper Taylor announces that the starters for the Cal game will be Austin Rogers, Lucas Taylor, and Josh Briscoe. Asked about this, Fulmer says, "Troop may have jumped the gun a little. Meachem, Swain, and Smith will be starting."

8. Asked for clarification, Taylor says that both his comments and Fulmer's are 100% true.

9. During the 3rd quarter of the Cal game, Dan Brooks, Kurt Roper, and two graduate assistants are caught on camera having a heated argument on the sideline. It later comes out that they disagree on 3rd and long statistics.

10. TN loses when Cal completes an 80-yard touchdown pass on 3rd and 19.

vs. Air Force

11. Game-winning TD catch is made by former basketball player Stanley Asumnu. Asked about it after the game, Asumnu says, "Man, basketball practice under Coach Pearl is WAY harder than football practice."

12. An article appears saying that Manning did not throw with QB Crompton during his previous visit. Internet rumors have it that Manning didn't throw at ALL during his visit; that, in fact, his arm was broken. The author of the article is unavailable for comment.

vs. Florida

13. Kentucky QB coach Randy Sanders is kind enough to visit Knoxville and give a pregame pep talk to the team. He tells the team, "It's kind of like golf: when you're on the driving range, don't swing like your on the course; when you're on the course, don't swing like you're on the driving range." Asked to explain these comments, Sanders says, "It's a lot like umpiring baseball, really: you get paid to call 'strikes' and 'outs,' not 'balls' and 'safes.'"

14. Tennessee's defense and running game are solid in an upset of Florida. RB Foster racks up 168 yards rushing. Asked about his game, a surprised Foster says, "Those wide receivers were blocking for me downfield! I think it may be a new scheme Coach Cut put in this year."

15. Basketball coach Bruce Pearl and former basketball coach Buzz Peterson are seen in the stands selling popcorn. Pearl is wearing a very dark suit. Nearby fans comment that it seems wet, but it is impossible to tell on camera. Pearl sells more popcorn than Peterson.

vs. Marshall

16. TN wins.

17. QB Jim Bob Cooter is re-dismissed from the team for firing a gun into the air during a physics project.

at Memphis

18. Tennessee wins 10-7. Nine different wide receivers see action. Asked about the rather crowded rotation, former basketball player Stanley Asumnu says, "Seriously, Coach Pearl intimidates me a little. I was scared when he ripped off his shirt after the Florida game."

19. Tennessee's linebacking corps, having had four very successful games, comes up with a new motto in honor of former linebackers: "Supporting the act of stealing from the fortunate." WR Coach Trooper Taylor, always the pithy one, suggests they shorten the motto to "Rooting for looting."

at Georgia

20. Tennessee loses a heartbreaker. Former basketball player Stanley Asumnu drops what would have been a drive-extending first down. Asked about the play, Asumnu says, "I think, probably, that Coach Pearl could eat Coach Fulmer. He wouldn't gain a pound either--he's just like that, you know?"

vs. Alabama

21. On Monday of game week, a Birmingham newspaper reports that former Tennessee QB Peyton Manning is being sued by the Crompton family. Apparently, during one of Manning's visits to Knoxville he mooned Jon Crompton.

22. Due to the Manning Mooning lawsuit, Fulmer declines to coach the Alabama game, claiming that if he sets foot in the state of Alabama he will be served with a subpoena. When reminded that the game is in Knoxville, Fulmer quips, "I didn't start coaching five minutes ago. We've won a lot of games around here. For the safety of my players and my family, this is what needs to be done. David will be fine."

23. Tennessee loses another heartbreaker when (a) the defense fails to hold Alabama to fewer points than the offense scores, and (b) the offense fails to score more points than the defense holds Alabama to. HamiltonVol goes mildly insane trying to compose that sentence without ending it with a preposition, which is something up with which he will not put.

at SC

24. Asked about the Tennessee rivalry, SC coach Steve Spurrier says, "I hear Tennessee has 'em a new playcaller over there in Knoxville. Also heard that they're gonna try a new formation, with two quarterbacks in the backfield and no running backs."

25. Asked about the home field advantage at South Carolina, commentator and former SC coach Lou Holtz says, "Well, we had a tough time beating Tennessee at home, but that's because we had to play the Vols. If we had gotten to play William and Mary, we would have had a lot more home success!"

26. Asked about the OC battle between Cutcliffe and Spurrier, former TN OC Randy Sanders quips, "It's kind of like drawing an analogy: it sounds good, but sometimes it just doesn't quite fit."

27. After leading 12-3 at halftime, TN loses as SC racks up 312 yards passing in the second half. Asked about the collapse, Dan Brooks says, "My graduate assistants ran some numbers on that second half, and 312 passing yards is not far from what the competition is giving up in the second half. I think we're gonna be okay."

vs. LSU

28. TN basketball coach Bruce Pearl agrees to give a pep talk before the game. The talk is televised by three networks. The next day 591 students and 58 non-students attempt to walk on to the football team, and 5 recruits commit.

29. Stanley Asumnu quits.

30. Tennessee wins in overtime. QBs Ainge, Crompton, and Hardegree, former QBs Manning and Cooter, and QB coach David Cutcliffe all publicly and coldly refuse to speak to or look at coach Fulmer after the game. The incident is televised. The next day all parties act as though nothing happened. There is a group photo-shoot. Former Volunteer QB and QB coach Randy Sanders takes the picture.

at Arkansas

31. Washington Redskins linebacker and former Vol Kevin Simon is traded to the New Orleans Saints.

32. Tennessee beats Arkansas like a drum. Fulmer: "We're tickled to death with what these guys have accomplished in a tough year. We think we can build off of this offensive effort. Vandy is no slouch, and it'll take a good game to beat them."

at Vandy

33. Tennessee wins by about 30. Fulmer: "I love the way these guys are finishing this year. David's schemes are starting to really work now, and you can just see these quarterbacks growing up. Vandy and Arkansas have some of the best defenses we've faced this year. I'm excited about next season."

34. High school standouts Jimmy and Joe commit to Tennessee.

vs. Kentucky

35. Tennessee stomps Kentucky like a fat cockroach. Hope springs anew among Tennessee fans. Fulmer's contract is extended.

Football Season Approacheth!

After a nice summer vacation, things are starting to heat up in MonVOLia... We can smell the season coming, and we're firing up the discussions. Come over to and enjoy the fun!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

SoCal's Animal Farm

Fostermom asked another poster a question...

volunteerfostermom Wagee....a question....?
"Phil Fulmer was on the elevator. Auburn was in town, ranked No. 1 in the country and riding the great Bo Jackson toward an undefeated season. I looked at Fulmer, it had been drizzling rain a bit that morning, so I asked, Coach, will the rain have any effect on the game and be an advantage for one team or another? Fulmer never smiled, looked at me and said, "It doesn't matter if it's raining or the sun is shining, we're going to kick Auburn's ass today." By the fourth quarter, Jackson had enough, took himself out of the game and the War Geese were no longer undefeated. It's too bad that the Fulmer on the elevator that day probably no longer exists. "

What do you think are the reasons that caused that change (if, in fact, that change has ocurred)? From a man's standpoint, what would he have had to go through for that to happen? Is there any way, as a man, to get that back?

SoCal busts out with another classic:

Orwell's "Animal Farm" happened...
I cannot believe a local sports writer has not done a spoof on this already (may have something to do with the South producing some of the best writers, but some of the worst readers)... Sure it is human nature to get comfy with "success"...but Fulmer & buds are the "poster children" for "the pigs" of AF.Opens with the great coup, and overthrow of the old Farmer, who was self centered and the "farm" was all about him (Johnny Majors). The coup was designed and carried out by a younger, aggressive (maybe even devious) pig Napoleon = Fulmer.There is much excitement and prosperity following the overthrow, not neccessaryily immediate, but there is just a better "team" attitude and "sky is the limit" view.The Commandments (er, General's Maxims) are dusted off and recited by all, with great reverence.The "team song" Beasts of England (or Rocky Top) has never been sung so proudly....and the "Farm" prospers...Behind the scenes, something is taking place and the suspecious old donkey Benjamin (aka AV ) notices that Napoleon has quietly been breaking the Commandments/Maxims...they seem like lip service. He notices that Napoleon has "run off" any other pigs that question or threaten his supreme leadership. "Snowball" did not stand a chance in Hell) He and the other pigs have been indulging themselves in direct violaton of the "Commandments". They are getting fat and happy, surround themselves with other like minded "pigs", and have completely distanced themselves from the original coup in every way: physically, emotionally and in spirit.They are basically laughing all the way to the bank (or beer trough). They have moved into the "big house" and gotten fat and lazy..while the "Farm" goes to hell, and the others starve to death.In the end, the "Farm" is worse off than it was under the old regime."Snowball" played by Cutcliffe, "the real brains behind the new order"."Boxer" the hard working Horse that gets shipped off to the "glue factory" played by the players?"Bleeting Sheep" played by...this is a tough one?"Four legs goooood, two legs baaaaaaaaad!""Police Dogs" trained to protect the least one is named "Thunder".I think the story ends with all the "Commandments/Maxims" forgotten, except one:"All Animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others."

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Why do they call it a "think tank?"

According to

think tankn.
A group or an institution organized for intensive research and solving of problems, especially in the areas of technology, social or political strategy, or armament.[Download Now or Buy the Book]
Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth EditionCopyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
think tank
A group or organization dedicated to problem-solving and research, especially in such areas as technology, social or political strategy, and the military. For example, The congressional leaders rely too heavily on that conservative think tank. This term originated about 1900 as a facetious colloquialism for brain and was given its new meaning about 1950.
Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms by Christine Ammer.Copyright © 1997 by The Christine Ammer 1992 Trust. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.
think tank
n : a company that does research for hire and issues reports on the implications [syn: think factory]
Source: WordNet ® 2.0, © 2003 Princeton University

First, humbletx pointed out winning percentages by program over the previous 6 years.

Not to be outdone, LiveToRide bounces back with the Football staff salaries.

birminghamvol, not to be left out, combines the two and uses a ratio of win%/salary to provide the "value" these programs are receiving for their dollars. His post is in LTR's thread, and replicated below. It is a must read for any fans of high dollar programs.

birmy's post:
I combined this with the winning percentage numbers humbletx posted below for the past 6 seasons. Who do you think is getting the most bang for their buck when you compare salary ranking with winning percentage ranking?

........................salary rank............ratio win%/salary
Michigan St.........20..............................68..............................3.400
Texas A&M.........4................................57............................14.250

A few things that I noticed ...

1. Auburn has 1 coach in HIGH demand who they pay a ton of cash in AB. They have also had recent (past 2 year) success that saw Tubby get a HUGE salary increase. That is why they are on the low end me thinks.

2. For all the bitching and moaning about how UT doesn't pay it's staff enough and can't compete salary wise with the big boize .. the numbers just don't prove that (aka it's "BUNK" for you griddie spys who can't follow along in real, no simplified terms). You pretty much have a LARGE supply of old farts and porno 'stache rejects who aren't a threat to go anywhere. I'm sure the $$ went up this year with the addition of Cut and the raise Chavis had to get to match Cut. But besides Trooper .. NO ONE is sending out "feelers" for these guys ... AND WE STILL PAY THEM TOP DOLLAR DESPITE THEIR LACK OF PRODUCTION.

3. Georgia has their shitt together

4. How can "coach" look at this and ask for a raise/extension when it's OBVIOUS he alone is what causes the overall salary to be high for the staff? Is this why the inept clown keeps sub par staff members ... so he doesn't have to pay them and can keep more jack for himself (at the expense of the quality of the program)? See Coach Bowden, Beamer, Brown, Carr for coaches with similar stature (in longevity) as "coach" Fulmer .. yet they get the job done better .. with equal or less money.

5. Cal has a proven comoditity (who can turn a program around) IN HIGH DEMAND which warrants a high pay for their head coach. Does ANYONE want "coach" Fulmer? Why pay this underproductive, inept, clueless "coach" that much for TERRIBLE RESULTS? Is it worth 2.2 Mil a year for a freaking RECRUITING COORDINATOR????

6. Arguably .. ONLY Texas A&M gets less out of their football program (in terms of on the field results) than UT does. And that is due in part to the fact that they payed Fran big bucks .. only to have TERRIBLE results. And you can bet your "azz" he's on his way out after 2 years.

All this being said of course .. we must always keep in mind that ... "Football isn't rocket science, it's much much harder" ((TM) Ronald Tosh -2005)

"Fire the Poocher"The Ghenghis Group™

Friday, February 10, 2006

From Vol-Addict: HOMER and SHEEP defined

Some of the other guys could probably give a better definition of 'homer' and 'sheep' but I will take a shot at it anyway.

IMO, a "homer" is someone who absolutely refuses to look at their favorite sports team objectively. They get very defensive whenever anyone criticizes their team, the coaches, or any other aspect of the program, no matter how valid the criticism might be. They basically have their head in the sand, and they don't want to hear any bad news, even if it is legitimate news. They want to think that EVERYTHING is 100% wonderful, and they often lash out at people who offer criticism (even constructive criticism that might be on target).

For example, someone with homer tendencies might tend to "buy into" spin that attempts to show the program in the best possible light, but may not be the most objective description of the situation. I think many fans fall into this category, and I don't think there is any big problem with this either.

To some extent, most fans have some homer tendencies, IMO. I probably have some myself, even though I try extremely hard to look at everything as "dispassionately" as possible (from being forced to do that as an auditor for 28 years).

The "homers" I have a problem with are the ones who will defend Fulmer 100% of the time, even when criticism is EXTREMELY valid, and they attack those who are actually trying to look at the situation dispassionately and objectively. They try to spin things in the most positive light possible, even when the actual record is quite poor. I don't have that problem very often, but it has happened occasionally.

And I expect it will happen a lot less often in the future because even the "homers" have been forced to acknowledge that there were huge problems this past season that the coaching staff did not handle very well. I think even the least objective fans were forced to acknowledge some of the problems this past season, and so they will be less likely to attack those who offer constructive criticism in the future.

As for the definition of "sheep," I would say that "sheep" are those fans who "blindly" follow the leaders (Fulmer, etc.) without ever "questioning" anything the leaders do or say. They have 100% confidence in the coaching staff and think they are more than capable of addressing every single problem that arises. It is an unrealistic mind set, IMO, and that is why those fans are called "sheep."

Hopefully the above comments will give you a general idea of what we are referring to when we call fans "homers" or "sheep."

Discuss in the FORUMS