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Friday, February 10, 2006

From Vol-Addict: HOMER and SHEEP defined

Some of the other guys could probably give a better definition of 'homer' and 'sheep' but I will take a shot at it anyway.

IMO, a "homer" is someone who absolutely refuses to look at their favorite sports team objectively. They get very defensive whenever anyone criticizes their team, the coaches, or any other aspect of the program, no matter how valid the criticism might be. They basically have their head in the sand, and they don't want to hear any bad news, even if it is legitimate news. They want to think that EVERYTHING is 100% wonderful, and they often lash out at people who offer criticism (even constructive criticism that might be on target).

For example, someone with homer tendencies might tend to "buy into" spin that attempts to show the program in the best possible light, but may not be the most objective description of the situation. I think many fans fall into this category, and I don't think there is any big problem with this either.

To some extent, most fans have some homer tendencies, IMO. I probably have some myself, even though I try extremely hard to look at everything as "dispassionately" as possible (from being forced to do that as an auditor for 28 years).

The "homers" I have a problem with are the ones who will defend Fulmer 100% of the time, even when criticism is EXTREMELY valid, and they attack those who are actually trying to look at the situation dispassionately and objectively. They try to spin things in the most positive light possible, even when the actual record is quite poor. I don't have that problem very often, but it has happened occasionally.

And I expect it will happen a lot less often in the future because even the "homers" have been forced to acknowledge that there were huge problems this past season that the coaching staff did not handle very well. I think even the least objective fans were forced to acknowledge some of the problems this past season, and so they will be less likely to attack those who offer constructive criticism in the future.

As for the definition of "sheep," I would say that "sheep" are those fans who "blindly" follow the leaders (Fulmer, etc.) without ever "questioning" anything the leaders do or say. They have 100% confidence in the coaching staff and think they are more than capable of addressing every single problem that arises. It is an unrealistic mind set, IMO, and that is why those fans are called "sheep."

Hopefully the above comments will give you a general idea of what we are referring to when we call fans "homers" or "sheep."

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