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Thursday, December 08, 2005

SEC awards handed out by ESPN

ESPN hands out awards in the SEC

"While most people drank the Kool-Aid being served at Eastern Division favorites Tennessee and Florida during the preseason, Georgia quietly went about its business."

The orange Kool-Aid was quite tasty, but it left you with a huge hangover by November.

"Biggest disappointment
For all his success at Tennessee, Phillip Fulmer never seemed to get the credit he deserved for his consistency. A down year for the Vols was an eight- or nine-win season. That all changed this year. Picked No. 3 nationally in the preseason, Tennessee bumbled to its first losing season in 17 years by losing five of its last seven games and finishing 5-6. Offensive coordinator Randy Sanders resigned after the loss to South Carolina, and Fulmer purged most of his offensive staff. The Vols even lost to Vanderbilt for the first time in 23 years. When you factor in all the off-the-field trouble involving Tennessee players that occurred before the season, it was nothing short of a nightmare on Rocky Top."

I don't know that I can add any commentary on top of that little summation. The lone Vol on their All-SEC team? LB -- Kevin Simon, Tennessee

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