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Friday, July 07, 2006

BV2's Preseason Editorial

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OL - I could say a lot of things about this group. But after days of searching for the right words to sum up this group, one thought kept coming to the forefront - Potentially the Best OL ever to play at UT. Steven Jones and Michael Frogg are studs and will be first round picks in the NFL. Sears is a hoss and David Ligon had one of the best springs in college football history (again). He's up to 390 and bench pressed 960 8 times last week with his left pinky toe. Just an unbelievable physical specimen. Parker and Foster played last year vs. Vandy and Kentucky so they are battle tested.

RB - David Yancey is a 9th year Junior in 2006 and had one of the best springs since Kirston Biggers upstaged Tavio Henson in the last man standing game of Ping Pong Ball in Jock Strap game in 1988. Foster (Australian for Running Back) is sure to get a lot of action this year. Montario Hardesty just screams stud muffin at you and LeMarcus Coker will do his daddy Larry proud this year by getting a ton of draws on 3rd and Long. And don't forget about Jakouri Williams. Probably the best pure back we've had since Tracy Smith.

WR - The Meach, Swain, and Lucas Taylor are as good as it gets in football - college or pro. Bill Grimes is awesome and will breakout this year under Trooper Taylor. Slick Shelley is freakin' slick and will really surprise some. Briscoe has been playing the jug for an extra two hours per day and is ready. This group will surprise.

TE - We'll be walkin; in High Cottam with the Cottam brothers. Both are now 7'8 and 460 after working out in Coach Johnny Long's Injury Waitin' To Happen Workout program. Justin Reed is a shoe in to punt out of the double TE set and don't forget about Chris Brown.

QB - Ainge scored a 32 on the ACT after re-taking it this summer. He is up to 6'8 and wearing a lot of the Cottam's old clothes. Crompton had surgery recently to implant a cap backwards on his head and cut a demo last week for the Backstreet Boys new CD entitled "AARP Benefits." Hardegree can hit a football 100 miles per hour with a tennis racket and the coaches have implemented a Daniel Brooks package when he's in the game. Brooks will be put in as a blocking back and ensure that Hardegree never gets hit.

DE - Jared Hostetter has been whacking off all offseason with Vick's Vap-O-Rub and 20 Grit sandpaper. He is ready, though literally a raw talent. Xavier Mitchell is the best Xavier in Tennessee since Xavier Crawford in the late 80's. Walter "Amy" Fisher is a stud and Rhodes Scholar to boot. He'll be ready. Antonio Reynolds can play. We're fine here.

DT - Justin Harrell is the best Martin Westview player we've had since Chad Clifton. He's bonafide and can even testify if needed. Matt McGlothlin has been working out all offseason with Barry Bonds, but you can't get anyone to talk about it right now. Turk McBride is the purest DT we've had since Jeff Tullis roamed the Hill. Robert Ayers is another in a long line of former Chavis projects who is sure to pan out.

LB - Marvin Mitchell was hands down better than Marcus McNeil then and now. Awesome body lean and can run like a deer in Nike's. Elix Wilson (short for Elixer) had garnered the moniker "Robotussin" due to his Cherry like demeanor. Myers-White or White-Myers is among the best hyphenated players we've ever had at UT in recent memory. Andre Mathis is a stud in the making.

DB - WOW!!! We can cover back here for sure. Wade ran track again this year to ensure he'll be ready for football. Hefney is bad and ready to shine. Iroquois Johnson ran good in May over in the Steeplechase and looks to continue this year.

Intangibles - After not recruiting in 2006, Fulmer and staff are back at it again this year and are sure to land a top 30 type class. Prediction - 14-0 and a 80-0 rout of Ohio State in the NC game.


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