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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Gazing Into My Crystal Ball...The Future....Is......

  • Lets gaze into the crystal ball and see what the future holds for the Vols, coming off a very disappointing 5-6 record in 2005. What does the recruiting season look like? Where are the nation's best football players taking their football talents and plying their trade for the next few years?

    Looking down the list, you don't see the name Tennessee listed next to their names under the already committed column. You have to look all the way down to number 67 to see Jacques McClendon listed as already committed to Tennessee and he is still visiting other schools.

    Rocky Top has been in a downward trend as far as winning percentage and margin of victory go, in the past 7 seasons, despite hauling in some of the very best talent in the nation on the recruiting trail in recent years. That was when UT won more games than they lost. If Rocky Top can't work with the best talent in the land, what will Rocky Top do with lesser talent as it looks like they will get after the Train Wreck at Rock Bottom 2005?

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