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Monday, September 18, 2006

It's All About "PHIL"osophy

In the wake of yet another loss to an SEC rival in our own Neyland Stadium, University of Tennessee Volunteer fans have awakened from a "David Cutcliffe"-induced illusion. Reality is now setting in and the landscape of the future regarding UT football is a dark and dreary one. OuterMonVOLia's very Own SoCalVol, hit the nail flush on the head and explained the reality of it all, with his post, "It's All About "Phil"osophy.

It's all about "Phil" osophy...that was the...
"Mustang Offense"...very offensive...

Any organization reflects the person/personality of where the buck stops (whether they accept that responsibility or not)...

How can Chavis design and recruit for speed and aggressive play, then all of the sudden, make a 180 degree switch in his defensive philosophy when the game is on the line?

How can Cut. cut up a D with slants and attacking weaknesses and mismatches, only to return to the foxhole, when the game is on the line?

How can HSAA's, with supreme talent and confidence, lose their God given abilities and confidence and become a target population for sports psychologists?

"Phil" osophy, that's how...

The answer is Phil Fulmer, who's whole philosophy is based in fear. Fear of someone pointing a finger at his decisions/non decisions. Fear of failure, fear of making mistakes, fear of getting beat deep, fear of the middle third of the field, fear of attacking, fear of everything that the best and brightest delight in...being the best and brightest when your best has to be called upon, in the moment (not on "film").

Fulmer's infatuation with fear, causes otherwise competent coaches to seem incompetent, causes talented athletes to shoulder the entire burden of producing under pressure with absolutely no help, in terms of strategy and tactics (xno's).
The coordinators are the ones to be sacraficed, the players must step up and take the blame and "believe" in his ways...because "He has won a lot of games around here".

I say the program and players have won a lot of games, with waaay to many slim victories of weak opponents and when Phil's best is required, he folds. Urban is right...UT folds because Fulmer folds. Some of Phil's best coached games have come when his back was against the wall and had little to lose. Give him something to lose and he will find a way to do it. For a person that is so lacking in creativity, he is extremely creative in finding ways to snatch defeat from victory.

When the tough get going, Phil's in the fetal position in his "bunker" while the opponent "shoots" his men like fish in a barrel...

And why not? Phil's "bunker" is million dollar, lakefront, comfy, cozy..and he and his are more than well fed.

UT's football program has become "all about the Bunker". Fulmer is a Winston Churchill fan for a reason...I understand he had a nice bunker too...

The reality of UT's football future is not pretty.


Anonymous blacksheepvol said...

Cutphoria is back.

11:39 AM  

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