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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Retrodictive Rankings

I've been hunting for a solid way to compare/contrast teams, coaches, etc... back to the beginning of Football. I believe I have selected the most realistic of the retrodictive systems.

Using Ray Wait's retrodictive system, not his predictive system, I will be publishing some interesting comparisons of UT teams to each other. I will also be looking at other programs for some valuable perspective. I hope you find these entertaining. If you do, please drop in on Ray's site and thank him for his work in putting his system together. If you read his site, you will see that he credits David Wilson for coming up with the basic system first. Ray got there independently and David added some tweaks based on Ray's work. Anyway, history aside, be on the lookout for some new analyses based upon this system of rankings.

Tennessee made their debut in 1902 ranked 19 out of 73 teams. Not a bad way to start, eh?


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