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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Manning shows his a$$?

TennesseeTuxedo started quite a discussion on when he posted that "Peyton Manning was a great Volunteer and arguably the best passing QB to ever play in the NFL. I have nothing but respect for his abilities on the field.

Manning dissed and embarrassed his coach on national TV and then pointed the finger of blame at his offensive line in the post game interview. Thats were I draw the line of respect for Manning. Thats right out of the Pac Man Jones playbook of excuses.

In the post-game interview he stated he wanted to be a good team mate, but that the Colts had several breakdowns in pass protection. He credited the Steelers for their pass rush but again stated that their were numerous pass protection breakdowns by his team mates.

There were some protection breakdowns on the part of his team mates, but you don't call them out and point fingers at them in post-game interviews on national TV. Its not like every pass he threw today was a good pass.

As far as the dissing of his coach, the shake off of the punt team turned out work fine for the Colts. However, Manning could have callled a time out to disccuss it with Dungy. The way he handled it, made Tony Dungy look like a total imbecile."

This post and all the interesting responses can be found by clicking here.


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