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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Pearl Brings Excitement Back To UT Basketball

Its hard not to get caught up in the excitement of UT basketball. After all, Vols fans don't have a bowl game to follow in the aftermath of the disastrous 5-6 2005 University Of Tennessee football season. We at least have a coach and team that plays hard and dictates the tempo of the game to the opponents.

Its still early in the season and we have yet to begin SEC conference play, but you have to say that it is fun to watch University of Tennessee basketball again. Its been a long time coming. Bruce Pearl is the man of the hour across the state of Tennessee. Vols fans are getting more for their money out of Pearl than they get out of their football coach and his efforts are showing rewards already in the short time he has been on campus at UT.

Here are a few more articles from the major newspapers across the state and other sports outlets:

  • Vols Beat Texas

  • Vols Dial Long Distance I Upset Win Over Number 6 Texas

  • The Memphis Commercial Appeal Does Not Even Mention Tennessee's Win On Its Online Edition

  • KNS:Vols Upset Texas

  • Bruce Pearl:This is a great win for Tennessee Basketball

  • Vols Stun Longhorns

  • Its a shame that the largest newspaper in the 2nd largest metro area in the state of Tennessee does not carry the news of such a huge victory. Do I smell some jealousy from the Bluff City?


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