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Saturday, January 12, 2008

StageVol on our new OC

Mystic Knight of the TPosts: 460(1/11/08 12:37) Edit Del
Re: Some of you guys really are looking like Gloom & Doo
The argument from Vols fans I know -- none on this board -- has always been that there is NO ONE out there equipped to come in and coach at UT, either as the head man or an assistant, UNLESS he is a "Tennessee Man". I might as well have had blood shooting out of my eyes every time I hear that shitt.I've been telling work colleagues and friends for years that UT desperately needed to look at other successful programs as models to see how it's done. Hell, I've emailed Mike Hamilton and called others in Knoxville as well saying the same things . . . I've only gotten responses when the subject was something like a new scoreboard on the women's softball field. More to the point, this IS the point: Go Outside the Family. When you look at the coaches guys like Pete Carroll, Urban Meyer and Steve Spurrier have brought to their staffs over the years, it's not been guided by alums and/or BOT members telling them who they should hire. They hire who fits what they do, best. And if best at say Florida, when Spurrier was there, happened to be a defensive guy named Stoops that no one had ever heard of, that's who he'd bring in.So what the hell am I trying to say -- well, I agree with both Brassy and Tux. We've all lamented that Fulmer needed to bring in someone as an OC who had every credential Brassy mentioned. Big props for Fulmer on the hire irrespective of the fact it was made known he had to make some significant changes. And for me, I'm thrilled by the hire . . . . . to a point. Here's where I agree with Tux: Let's see what happens in the fall. This is a board with what I like to call Great Football Minds, or GFM's for those of you who prefer acronyms. Every one of us in OM will know within one game whether or not Clawson has free reign to do what he wants on offense. Play-calling, gameplans, halftime adjustments, 4th down situations near midfield ----- it probably won't even take a full game to see how much control Clawson has.
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Well said.
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