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Thursday, May 18, 2006

SoCal's Animal Farm

Fostermom asked another poster a question...

volunteerfostermom Wagee....a question....?
"Phil Fulmer was on the elevator. Auburn was in town, ranked No. 1 in the country and riding the great Bo Jackson toward an undefeated season. I looked at Fulmer, it had been drizzling rain a bit that morning, so I asked, Coach, will the rain have any effect on the game and be an advantage for one team or another? Fulmer never smiled, looked at me and said, "It doesn't matter if it's raining or the sun is shining, we're going to kick Auburn's ass today." By the fourth quarter, Jackson had enough, took himself out of the game and the War Geese were no longer undefeated. It's too bad that the Fulmer on the elevator that day probably no longer exists. "

What do you think are the reasons that caused that change (if, in fact, that change has ocurred)? From a man's standpoint, what would he have had to go through for that to happen? Is there any way, as a man, to get that back?

SoCal busts out with another classic:

Orwell's "Animal Farm" happened...
I cannot believe a local sports writer has not done a spoof on this already (may have something to do with the South producing some of the best writers, but some of the worst readers)... Sure it is human nature to get comfy with "success"...but Fulmer & buds are the "poster children" for "the pigs" of AF.Opens with the great coup, and overthrow of the old Farmer, who was self centered and the "farm" was all about him (Johnny Majors). The coup was designed and carried out by a younger, aggressive (maybe even devious) pig Napoleon = Fulmer.There is much excitement and prosperity following the overthrow, not neccessaryily immediate, but there is just a better "team" attitude and "sky is the limit" view.The Commandments (er, General's Maxims) are dusted off and recited by all, with great reverence.The "team song" Beasts of England (or Rocky Top) has never been sung so proudly....and the "Farm" prospers...Behind the scenes, something is taking place and the suspecious old donkey Benjamin (aka AV ) notices that Napoleon has quietly been breaking the Commandments/Maxims...they seem like lip service. He notices that Napoleon has "run off" any other pigs that question or threaten his supreme leadership. "Snowball" did not stand a chance in Hell) He and the other pigs have been indulging themselves in direct violaton of the "Commandments". They are getting fat and happy, surround themselves with other like minded "pigs", and have completely distanced themselves from the original coup in every way: physically, emotionally and in spirit.They are basically laughing all the way to the bank (or beer trough). They have moved into the "big house" and gotten fat and lazy..while the "Farm" goes to hell, and the others starve to death.In the end, the "Farm" is worse off than it was under the old regime."Snowball" played by Cutcliffe, "the real brains behind the new order"."Boxer" the hard working Horse that gets shipped off to the "glue factory" played by the players?"Bleeting Sheep" played by...this is a tough one?"Four legs goooood, two legs baaaaaaaaad!""Police Dogs" trained to protect the least one is named "Thunder".I think the story ends with all the "Commandments/Maxims" forgotten, except one:"All Animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others."