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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Background Checks for Football Players?

Given the string of arrests this past year, perhaps UT should consider criminal background checks on recruits? This article briefly touches on the issue, and it's interesting to see what coaches fall for and against such checks. Richt at Georgia is actually against background checks. That's a very interesting stand for a teacher of young men. His stated reason is a level playing field, but could it be "don't ask, don't tell" me if I've got a criminal on my roster? Could Tennessee's off field issues have been the root cause of the season of missed expectations?

Check it out and let us know what you think in the forums.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Google Headlines now fed to the Blog!

If you look to your right, you will see a real time feed of Basketball and Football headlines. From now on, you can stop here for the most up to date articles on the Vols Hoopsters and Gridders. Please let me know what you think of this feature.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Today's other UT Articles

UT in the News

Vols over Mississippi State (some are duplicate articles in different papers),1406,KNS_18619_4416765,00.html,1426,MCA_466_4416720,00.html

Other articles of interest:,1406,KNS_19596_4412887,00.html

Dallas paper note on 5k fine

excerpt:"MSU Is A "Powerhouse Program" - ESPN named Michigan State one of the 10 "Powerhouse Programs" in college basketball. Of the 10 schools featured, only seven were division I men's programs. MSU was joined by Duke, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, UCLA, Division II Kentucky Wesleyan, and the Tennessee and Connecticut women's programs. The television program featuring the list was part of ESPNU's Honor Roll series. "

Friday, January 20, 2006

Outer MonVOLian Finances

Let's see any of our friends publish THEIR financials... not gonna happen

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

SoCalVol says "Coach 'em up!"

"Seriously, how many Pro Bowl linemen has Fulmer coached since taking over as HC?...or EVER for that matter? And the best players UT has EVER had were "man-child types" that were on a "physical" trajectory that was NFL bound. Jamal Lewis, Leonard Little, John Henderson, Haynesworth, Henry and even Manning "drug" this staff behind him. How many HSAA OLmen have signed with UT and "disappeared"...

Manning may have even "taught" our offensive braintrust how to over-think the game. Football is NOT a science. This "control freak", analysis paralysis, type just does not lead to rings. UT's staff trying to "control" offensive output (guessing at what an offense must do, based upon what the D, MAY be able to defeatest from the get go). IMO, an offense is supposed to be offensive, and should have TD as the goal every time they touch the field. And the best DC's want to get the ball back and score themselves. It all goes back to this technician vs visionary approach to the game. Most of UT's truly great players were at their best when they "just played the game". T-Rob checked out of 80% of the crap JM and our O-staff sent in. Jamal Lewis was at his best when he knew the least and just ran hard, same with Leonard Little. Our staff putting more value on what a player "knew" vs what they could do (Levine over Lewis) cost the program plenty...and maybe JL flirting with a 2k TFR season. Al Wilson played his whole UT career "outside the UT box"...just like T-Rob did.

It's a game, and our staff trying to overthink with less than steller IQ's is as absurd as it gets. Fulmer has wasted most of his HC'ing career trying so hard "not to blow it", he has seen teams with two and three times the talent...eek by and get blasted when the talent was even or guys that went out and played the game the way it was meant to be played. He has been schooled by all "schools of ball" Florida's finesse and the Huskers brute and some of the in between lately from Auburn and UGA.

Sure Fulmer has a ring, but he should have had 2-3 more shots and UT; "his" program should have a legacy of Pro Bowl OL'men that dominated in college, should have several coaches that move on to HC jobs (or pro jobs) and have a history of true dominance and postitioned to compete for NC's going forward. Stucky leaves, UT gets soft, Manning leaves passing game disappears, Wilson leaves leadership leaves...what is it Phil and his crew actually do?....strap on a feed bag and watch some more "film".

Fulmer is the classic "technician" that thinks the "whole" is just a sum of the inputs. It explains why he values pure talent so much and has absolutely "no football personality" to think of. He does not understand or believe in the "intangables", like psychology and a true philosophy. And why the great coaches and leaders can "drop their "franchise" into any program and hit the ground running. Read "the E Myth" and the analogy of the "pie lady"... fits Fulmer to a tee, he does not see or understand the value in true systems (sure you tweek to compensate for change), and thinks all problems are fixed by just "working harder/putting in more hours" doing more of the same stuff that was not working in the first place. The business world is full of these types...running head on into bankruptcy...of course Phil has a "rich uncle" (the UTAD) that keeps writing him blank checks...and letting him take a huge compensation...when the financials are falling apart. He is burning equity that Neyland and Dickey earned....and is arrogant enough to think it is his...if the UTAD is dumb enough to keep him afloat, more power to him."

Read the entire thread here.

Manning shows his a$$?

TennesseeTuxedo started quite a discussion on when he posted that "Peyton Manning was a great Volunteer and arguably the best passing QB to ever play in the NFL. I have nothing but respect for his abilities on the field.

Manning dissed and embarrassed his coach on national TV and then pointed the finger of blame at his offensive line in the post game interview. Thats were I draw the line of respect for Manning. Thats right out of the Pac Man Jones playbook of excuses.

In the post-game interview he stated he wanted to be a good team mate, but that the Colts had several breakdowns in pass protection. He credited the Steelers for their pass rush but again stated that their were numerous pass protection breakdowns by his team mates.

There were some protection breakdowns on the part of his team mates, but you don't call them out and point fingers at them in post-game interviews on national TV. Its not like every pass he threw today was a good pass.

As far as the dissing of his coach, the shake off of the punt team turned out work fine for the Colts. However, Manning could have callled a time out to disccuss it with Dungy. The way he handled it, made Tony Dungy look like a total imbecile."

This post and all the interesting responses can be found by clicking here.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Forgotten Tight End At UT

The Forgotten Tight End At UT
Everyone knows that the tight end is the most overlooked position in the University of Tennessee football offensive scheme. The Vols use of the tight end is the biggest waste of scholarships and talent known to collegiate football. We might as well just play another offensive tackle at the position.

In the past, some fans have questioned the wasteful use of the position by Phil Fulmer. His apologists always retorted that the Vols tight ends were not talented enough for the Vols to use consistently in the Vols passing game or they would say that if we had anyone as talented as Jason Witten that we could then and only then feature the tight end prominently in our offense.

Look at the other teams around the country at all levels of football and how they use the tight end in intricate ways other than as an extra blocker. Most teams force the opponent to account for the tight end and make them guard him with a safety or linebacker. Phil Fulmer is content to allow our opponents to cover our tight end with a defensive tackle and allow the other team's defense to let the free man roam the field to make plays unobstructed. Do all of the other collegiate teams in the nation have better talent at tight end than UT? Or are the other coaches just more offensively opened minded and smart enough to fully utilize the entire field?

The Vols have landed some decent tight ends in the recruiting wars in recent years. Chris Jackson is a potential devastating weapon on offense, but is more under-used than John Daly's 3 wood. Then you have the two Cottam brothers. Are other teams' tight ends that much better than ours that we refuse to use them in a way that benefits our offense?

Knowing this, we are recruiting several high school tight ends. Some of them project to be defensive ends or linebackers. For the ones who look to play tight end, why would they trust Phil Fulmer's word that UT will use the tight end in the future? He's been saying that for years and we have only known what the word "tight end" actually means in two of the years. If you look in the University of Tennessee official dictionary, next to word "tight end" it says see picture and one can see a photo of an offensive tackle. Some one is very confused.